My first time

photos_0105_studio02Every art model remembers the first time they posed nude for an art class. It’s hard to forget stepping onto that podium and unceremoniously dropping your robe to the floor, standing completely exposed in front of a group of strangers as their eyes scrutinize every detail of your naked body. The physical awareness, emotion, and vitality of that moment are still with me today, though I will never recapture the essence of those first few poses on the stand. So what is it like the first time an art model poses? I’ll answer with my story below, but I’m interested in hearing from the other models out there as well – what was your first time like?

As I related in my previous post on why I started modeling, my inspiration was a trip to Italy and the lasting impression made by the many superb sculptures I saw, particularly Michelangelo’s David. After returning from Italy in January (9 years ago), I contemplated the prospects of art modeling over the next few months, and in April finally decided to take the plunge and call around to find a life drawing class willing to take me. After several days and a few dozen phone calls, I finally found two community groups willing to have add me to their roster. At the time I lived in a moderate size Southern city, and only two life drawing groups existed. They had a grand total of one male model that posed for both groups; the prospect of a new male art model was appealing to them.

So after a “trial run” at one of the groups where I posed in a costume (I dusted off my old high school soccer uniform for the first time in 8 years), they penciled me in for a nude session 6 weeks later. The other group – held at a local Jewish community center – had already scheduled me for a session in July, but called back the very night of my first costumed gig and told me they had a cancellation – I would be modeling in just 6 days for the first time ever! I hung up the phone with excitement and trepidation – a series of intermittent “butterflies” started that wouldn’t go away until after that first session was over.

Sketch4As excited as I was to start my art modeling career, I had three major concerns: what poses to do, body hair, and getting an erection while posing. Body image wasn’t particularly worrisome for me: naive though I was, I still understood that my reasonably fit body wouldn’t be the best they’d seen, nor would it be the worst. The posing concern was resolved easily enough with practice. Every night leading up to the session I would undress, stand in front of my full-length mirror, and practice posing. Like most figure drawing classes, this session consisted of a series of short poses (gestures), then a few 5-minute poses, then 10-minute poses, and finally four different 20-minute poses to end the evening. So I tried to think of interesting, dynamic, elegant poses that were feasible for each amount of time. I consulted art history books, reviewed famous paintings and sculptures, and added my own twist to some yoga poses. After completely rehearsing my repertoire, I was ready to pose.


I purchased this book so I could come up with interesting poses.

The body hair fear was foolish on several levels. First of all, models have body hair of varying degrees. Artists want to see a “real” human body, not a hairless mannequin. Second, I have a fairly low amount of body hair as it is – just a tuft of chest hair, very sparse fuzz on my back and buttocks, and an average amount of pubic and leg hair. Yet for some reason I considered this too much, and actually shaved all of my body hair except for my armpit and head hair. Silly and unnecessary I know, but I was a neophyte and thought this would be more appealing to the artists. I still trim my pubic hair, but the rest I now grow naturally.

Finally, the erection issue. I think every male art model at least considered this occurrence before taking the stand for the first time. After thousands of poses and a few dozen erections over the past decade, I now realize a boner on the modeling stand is rare, short-lived, and taken in stride by the artists. But to a relatively sexually inexperienced man in his early 20s who got aroused easily, this was a concern. I decided that when I felt the slightest stirring down below I would just bite my lip and think of something really sad – that seemed like the best way to physically and mentally quench an unwanted spontaneous hard-on.

The day of my session arrived (a Monday), and I was nervous throughout. I glanced at the clock anxiously during the day, apprehensively anticipating the arrival of 7:00 pm. Butterflies zoomed through my stomach and my heart raced every time I thought of dropping my robe. I arrived as the JCC 15 minutes early, and found the small studio tucked in a corner above the gymnasium. The monitor, a figurative sculptor named Arthur, made me feel at ease and directed me to the nearest restroom so I could change into my robe. I read enough about modeling online to know to bring a robe and sandals to wear between poses, so I was prepared from a “dress code” standpoint (ironic as it is).

Most community life drawing groups consist of middle age men and women.By the time I had changed and made my way back to the studio, the other artists (10 total) had arrived, all setting up their paper and selecting their pencil and/or charcoal stick for that evening. Six women and 4 men were there – all the men were middle age or older, several of the women were in their early 30’s – about what I expected, and would come to learn is typical of community drawing groups. I stood in front of the model standing, pacing unconsciously, trying to act calm on the exterior while by heart raced at an ungodly rate. My time had come.

“Ok, let’s get started,” Arther boomed. “Five 2-minute poses, then two 5-minute poses, please.”

Realizing this was my cue but not entirely confident about what I should do next, I stepped to the side of the modeling stand. Looking down at the floor in the cold, weighty silence of the room, I untied my robe and with a light toss, dropped it to the side of the stand. I was naked. My heart pounded out of my chest. The emotional vulnerability of that moment is indescribable – I was completely exposed in front of these 10 people, and there was nowhere to hide. Very few people had seen me naked to that point, but there I was in front of a group of strangers, their eyes pouring over the contours of my figure. My stomach flipped again and again, and the physical awareness of my nudity was profound: it’s as if every cell in my body were alive and sensing every change in temperature or micro-current of air, and I was consciously aware of all of it simultaneously. Yet the thrill and exhilaration was the highest high: I felt immortal and yet utterly vulnerable. The rush of adrenaline and sympathetic stimulation was among the most intense of my life. It had begun.

The inspiration for my first ever pose: Bernini's David. I gingerly stepped up onto the stand (a make-shift platform that consisted of a table propped on boxes), and assumed the first 2-minute pose, a nicely twisted gesture with my hands on my left hip, derived from a Bernini sculpture; I still use it frequently today. And with that pose I was into the flow of things. Looking back on that first session, my performance as a model was pretty mediocre. Yes, I stood still and held some decent poses, but I was too still: my poses were stiff and rigid and tense. I hadn’t yet yearned to settle into a pose in a way that is interesting yet relaxing. I had also yet to learn how to expose myself completely beyond the physical nudity. Being naked is only the surface exposure – good models expose themselves through and through, including their fears, emotions, and spirituality. I was nude, but I wasn’t fully exposed. The artists were all very complimentary (though Arthur sensed the tension and said I needed to appear more comfortable up there), and I was assured of repeat bookings. Their renderings of me were insightful and gratifying – there I was, a completed drawing on canvas! I had inspired this small work of art, but it was an art work nonetheless!

And what of my 3 major fears going into the session? Well, the poses were good, but I hadn’t yet mastered the ability to make them simultaneously interesting and relaxed. Still, for a first session they were more than adequate. The body hair issue was indeed a non-issue. No erection occurred that evening, as might be expected. Anytime I became aware of my penis in any way I clinched my teeth and tried to prevent it – a practice that undoubtedly led to my apparent tension on the stand.

1IMGP1727Thus with a single invigorating session under my belt and none of my fears in any way an issue, I was hooked. I always think back on that first session with fondness – as nervous as I was, nothing can compare with the rush of that first time dropping the robe and assuming a pose. Of all the many sessions I’ve had since, that was without question my most memorable.

So what about you, fellow models? How was your first experience? I would love to hear how your first time was similar and/or different from mine…comment away!


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  1. Ron

    I am a relatively new male figure model. First time was Spring 2009 for a beginner drawing class that only two people and the instructor attended. I had and continue to have two of your concerns – making interesting poses and erections.

    The first time was great. The instructor was fine and like I said, only two students – one male and one female. It was only a two hour course so went by quick. Some one minute’s, a few 5’s, and one 15. I really was not nervous at all having been to nude beaches quite a bit. Of course there, everyone else is nude too.

    I got through the poses, the instructor gave me a few pointers after class. The female student, however, in her 30s, was very attractive, and I was concerned there would be movement in a place where I didn’t want there to be. I was able to hold it back though.

    Since then, I’ve posed maybe a dozen times. I’ve erected once. It was during a small group session with about 10 female artists. I was in a one-hour reclining pose and since the stand was very comfortable, I tried to do the full 60 minutes without a break. About 30 minutes in, I felt it start and I couldn’t stop it. I was too comfortable and it twitched for a good 10 minutes before going back. I was obviously very embarrassed but I felt it best to not break the pose, so I continued. No one said a word about and I didn’t look at their work to see if any captured it.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone. I hope people are adult enough to handle it. Since then, I’ve also spoken to models who have been asked to pose that way too, so I don’t feel too badly about it. But still, I don’t want that to happen when it isn’t wanted by the artists.

    I would like to hear some artists’ takes on this.

  2. edo deweert

    it’s interesting that you wonder whether there were people who were “offended” by your erection.
    it’s also interesting that we male models spend so much time being preoccuped by this matter.
    if it’s all about “art” as everyone so vehemently insist on claiming, boners have no place in that environment.
    if you wish to model with a boner, there are venues where that s appreciated and where models are in fact requested to strike masturbatory poses.
    on the other hand, i have never heard of such venues, where artists request female models to do the same.

  3. edo deweert

    just a couple more thoughts on the subject:
    once you have sported the boner, what will you do for an encore?
    i have always been of the opinion that that was the last veil to drop, so to speak.
    second -and this goes to the heart of my basic observation that it is all about sex – i am no horse, but certainly not a mouse either and having given them a teasing 20 or so percent tumescence, i like to think some of them might be fantasizing, there, or later.
    hey, that’s the man in me, right.
    and, as well, i have been aware of some female students over the years expressing concern that “this” might occur with a male model in their midst.
    instructors have always introduced me as “professional” and they were not exclusively referring to the quality, or variety of my poses.
    in addition, as an older male, i would not cherish the thought that i would be suspected of “getting my jollies from exposing my erection to some nubile young maidens”; and whereas in the past older males were “safe” models, nowadays, if an older male would want to do that, there is that little blue pill, right?

    • Edo – I appreciate your comments, but I didn’t intend for this post to be all about getting an erection on the modeling stand. I’m sure I’ll devote an entire post to that sometime in the future. At that point I discuss my thoughts on the matter in more detail…

      • Ron

        Coldsilvermoon – apologies. I think my first comment kind of started this. I didn’t mean to highjack your posting.

        Take care.

  4. Ron and Edo – no need to apologize! I appreciate your comments and am glad you felt comfortable posting them. This blog should foster good, frank discussion, so your comments are always welcome on any topic.

    My response to Edo was a way of deferring my personal commentary on the “erection issue” until a later time when I can devote an entire post to the topic. Any comments on any topic are always welcome – my personal comments on that topic will be reserved for a late time.

    Thanks again for reading and for posting your thoughts!

  5. tom v

    hello i started life modeling was nervous in the beginng, i practice infront of mirror to, it was10 artists and i was in the middle. was very confortable poseing nude. one of my long poseing was laying down i started to get hard for 10 minutes but it went away and everyone loved the way i posed, a did a summer class and it was great

  6. Here’s my description of my first time, as I posted on my blog a few months ago:

    I grew up in a very clothes-compulsive house. Nudity was simply not present except in the bath or shower. I don’t think I’ve seen either of my younger brothers nude since they were toddlers. So, when I was 18 and a freshman in college, I rebelled from that clothes-compulsiveness by taking it all off for art classes. The idea that I could be a nude model for a whole classroom full of people was born in the dormitory cafeteria. I lived in an all-male dorm, but it was next to a female dorm, and we all shared the same dining hall. I was sitting across from a young lady one day in the fall of 1984, eating lunch. This girl was a little odd, but she was also cute. I remember being very interested in her. I don’t even remember her name now, all these years later, but I do remember that she was a big fan of Grace Jones. During our lunchtime conversation, she mentioned that she drew “naked people” in her art class. I knew that such classes existed from watching an episode of Three’s Company not too many months earlier. In the episode, Jack Tripper (played by the late John Ritter) tries to impress a new girl in the neighborhood by agreeing to pose for an art class she is teaching. When he arrives at the class, she tells him to get undressed. He is surprised, not even suspecting that the art class drew nude models, but he goes through with it anyway. The punchline is that his landlord, Mr. Furley (played by the late Don Knotts), walks into the class with his drawing pad under his arm just after Jack has disrobed. The look on his face was the funniest shot of the episode. But Three’s Company took place in California. I didn’t think classes in Fayetteville, Arkansas would use nude models. I was immediately intrigued. I told the girl at my table that I wanted to model.

    Later, as I thought about it, I decided that I had to go through with it if only to impress upon this girl that I would do what I said I would. I ventured over to the art building and saw a sheet on a bulletin board advertising for models. They were paying five dollars per hour, which, at the time, was better than any other job I could get. I went to the Tuesday evening open figure drawing session and made an attempt to draw the female model there. My drawings were terrible, but I wasn’t too interested in drawing. I wanted to witness a session and see how the model acted, was treated, etc. It took me awhile to gather the courage to sign up as a model myself, but I finally did.

    Wanting more information, I went to the college bookstore and found the textbook for the figure drawing class. It contained a few black and white photographs from inside drawing classes. One of the things that I couldn’t help but notice was that the female models were nude but the male models in the classes wore a jock strap. That wouldn’t do. I couldn’t see myself modeling like that, with my genitals covered and my bare butt hanging out. That would be far more embarrassing than being fully nude, I thought. Besides, if the females get to be completely nude, why not the males? I went back to the open drawing session, but there was another female model there. I asked one of the ladies drawing if they ever had male models, and she said yes. I then asked if the males had to wear anything, and she said no. That calmed my nerves a bit. Unfortunately, my second attempt at drawing was even worse than the first.

    I got a call a few Tuesdays later from the coordinator of that open session. His model had cancelled for that night, and he needed someone to cover. I accepted somewhat reluctantly. Once I hung up the phone, I realized that the class started in less than an hour. I took a long walk around campus before entering the studio. There were only two women who had shown up to draw that night, including the one I had asked about the jock strap thing. It was election night, and I’m sure a lot of people stayed home to watch the returns. (Reagan stomped Mondale that night, by the way.)

    I didn’t even have a robe, but the female models I had observed hadn’t had robes either. I started taking off my clothes beside the modeling platform. When I got down to my underwear, took a deep breath, and slipped them off. There I was. The two ladies did not run screaming that there was a naked man in the room. I took my poses and got more comfortable as the evening went on.

    I eventually modeled for the regular figure drawing class during the spring semester. Alas, the young lady who had introduced me to this new profession never saw me model (she had only taken the class in the fall). The figure drawing class was small, only five students, and I got very comfortable posing for them. Toward the end of that spring semester, the instructor asked me to model for her introductory drawing class. I agreed, and I was somewhat shocked when I showed up for it. The room was packed with at least 20 people. I definitely had butterflies just because of the number of students and the knowledge that they had never drawn from a nude model before. I went ahead, gulped real hard, took everything off and hopped on the model stand. My experience in that class was wonderful, as if my platform were an island outside of everything else going in my life and I was sharing it with these special artists in the room. By the time class was over, I didn’t want to have to get dressed and go back out into the rest of the world. I was hooked on this strange, wonderful profession.



  8. alan

    HI, I’ve enjoyed reading these stories, I think you would all enjoy my story “My art model initiation” by ACE2010 in he Experience Project website, its a bit long and very explicit to reproduce here.

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  10. Jon

    Well, as I know you can relate, I truly love to pose nude. It is a bit of a rush to be the only nude person in the room, and totally comfortable w/ it. My story goes like this: Years ago, I was over at my girl friend’s apt. She was in the other room, and so I innocently pulled a large sketch pad off a shelf, and began to thumb through it. I knew she was an artist, yet when I saw page after page of nudes (both male & female) I had to ask her where she got them. She then began to educate me re: life drawing. I had no idea that such a thing was so common an exercise for artists. At the time time I remember thinking, “That might be fun. I wonder what it would be like.” Anyway, a few years went by, and I’d pretty much forgotten about it, when low and behold there was a big article in the newspaper about a successful Life Drawing Studio in town. I read it, and thought to myself, “I want to try that.” So, after researching a bit, I showed up about half an hour before an open drawing session one day, and asked the owner/instructor, if I could model sometime. After ascertaining my inexperience, he invited me to come watch him model a few weeks later, to see how figure modeling is done. I showed up on the appointed day, and was surprised (yet not shocked) to watch him casually undress in front of the class, dropping his clothes on the floor next to the dais. He did about 15 one minute gestures, followed by 4-5 five minute poses, then one 30-40 minute pose. At the break, he came over and asked whether I thought I could do something along those lines, and if so, could I model a few weeks later. I said I could & would, and left. A few days later, I went to the library to research life drawing “gestures and poses.” I also made up some. Then I “rehearsed” in front of a mirror every evening. The day of my first gig, I showed up half an hour early–I was really worried about the possibility of being so embarrassed/turned on by stripping naked for a bunch of people, that I figured if I got there and had a major erection before going “on,” I could merely step into the restroom, and “stroke” it away! As it turned out, when I arrived, I was feeling a little bit of “enlargement” down under, yet not so much that I was convinced it would be a problem. I did, however, have gigantic butterflies in my stomach. Nevertheless, in spite of those butterflies, when the time came to begin the session, I calmly (on the exterior, anyway) strolled over to the dais, and w/o hesitation, removed every stitch of clothing, climbed up, and began my memorized order of gestures. During that very first one minute gesture–which, by the way, seemed to last an eternity–I remember thinking to myself, “You are absolutely stark, buck naked in front of a bunch of strangers!!” The butterflies continued, yet greatly subsided after only 4-5 gestures. Then the rest of it was simply exhilarating!! When I’d watched the owner, a few weeks earlier, I was behind him, and saw little of his face. So, inexperienced as I was, I included facial expressions with most of my gestures & poses. At the break, a fifties-ish woman came over to tell me how wonderful it was to see so much expression in my face–that it really helped her to catch the essence of each pose. It was only later that I learned how uncommon it is for models to use facial expression while posing. Nonetheless, I continue to do so regularly, and continue to receive positive remarks about such. Since then I’ve posed for many other studios and college classes. In fact, I just posed this evening for a beginning class of would-be animators at the local Art Institute. The instructor–for whom I’ve often modeled, remarked at the close of my modeling, how lucky they were to have such a great, experienced, and accomplished model this evening, and that they have no idea what it takes to do figure modeling. To which one young (ignorant) buck blurted out, “yea, if you’re lazy, and just want to sit around for a few hours to collect a paycheck.” As I was leaving, she was attempting to get through to him how wrong he was. Anyway, I still love to model. To this day, the butterflies still come just before a modeling session. Yet they’re different–they are anticipatory, of the thrill I’m about to engage in once more. It never gets old–difficult at times, but never old or unrewarding.

  11. Simon

    Hi I’ve enjoyed the commentaries here, and found them to be quite informative…. I’ve not yet modelled nude, however, at the age of 58 I have put my name out there, as the human figure has always been a fascination for me, and yes, I do fancy a challenge. I guess it goes back a long time to when I was a child- our household was pretty liberal, and nudity was never a great issue. Later as a husband and father nudity while not being commonplace was not a big deal…. I did a life drawing class a few years back, and since then I guess I have been intrigued with the idea of standing myself….. So, there I am, I have contacted a couple of classes locally here in Switzerland looking for models, and now I am wondering what I need to think about before taking the plunge- assuming they ever call that is! I am not in it for kicks at least not of the sexual kind. At my age I’m not too worried about getting an unwanted erection, but I do imagine the experience to be liberating- if it goes well. I’ve thought about poses, I think that being naked in front of people won’t completely phase me (but who knows??!!) but I’d be glad for any useful tips for a “first timer” to make the experience as rewarding and enriching as I hope it will be…..
    So thanks in advance for any advise that any of you might be able to share

  12. David

    I have also enjoyed all the comments on this blog and have been meaning to add my own for some time. Firstly to Simon. As you probably know, age is no limit to modelling, neither is physique. Artists just want to draw an interesting human form. So go for it…I started modelling two years ago aged 53. Like many I’d wanted to model for many years and also like many been inspired by the works of the great masters. Knowing such work started as a simple sketch of a nude male model. I had modelled previously, having done some art nude photographic work in my 20’s. I did some more of this 3 years ago, always interesting to note how my body has aged. I worked with 2 other male models doing some heroic poses and almost abstract ones, all in monochrome, loved doing as with the photographer we were creating art. With is thought I found (thought meetup) an artists group that was willing to take on new models. Once signed-up naturally I had a few concerns. Would I be any good? Could I really hold a pose for that long? Might I get cramp? And, of course the classic one…what if I get an erection? To this the organiser said they were quite rare. His all male group were happy to draw one should it happen or might ignore it as they tend to be passing. With this I approached my first session with confidence having planned 12 poses that I thought I could hold for at least 10 mins. The session was held in a room above a London pub. So having grabbed myself a drink I found the artists. One said “Are you the model?” My career had started…Once in the room, I quickly undressed to my trunks then slipped them off and stepped forward to the dais. The sensation I got then and always still get is that of elation. I am using my naked body with all its beauty and imperfections to represent all men. I would seen to be a natural. falling into poses with ease, wishing I’d done this years ago. After an hour or so we had a break. I chose to stay nude, chatting with the artists looking at their work. To see oneself as simple pencil outlines for the first time is wonderful. By the second pose after the break I was fully relaxed in a standing pose ..this led to slight stirrings probably caused by draughts. One thing male models soon note is just how much their testicles move up and down responding to temperature changes…odd sensation.. By now I realised I wanted to pose for other groups where erections might not be welcome so I tried to stop it…I found flexing all my muscles, biting the side of my tongue and thinking of something sad worked and I still sometimes have to do this today. Since my first session I have worked for a solo artist. This was fun, we chatted as I posed. Perhaps the most rewarding work I’ve done is to pose with a second nude male model in a series of wrestling poses. Very hard work as it involved actual wrestling but the reward of seeing the art created is priceless..

  13. Glenn Tomczak

    I posed nude for the first time last May for a suburban Chicago art class and found it exhilarating. I was very nervous beforehand but once I climbed upon the platform and dropped my robe…I calmed down and focused on my poses. I plan on posing next Sunday January 3 for my second nude experience. ..and can’t wait!
    Glenn Tomczak

  14. Stacey

    I don’t think I could have written it better. Your first time experience and the resulting feelings were identical to mine.

    When I was going on college visitations my senior year in high school (full disclosure, this was decades ago) I would see the adds posted around campus for nude life models. I would then go home and at night I would undress and stand in front of the mirror and pretend to be posing for a class. When I got to college it didn’t take long for me to work up my nerve and respond to one of the adds. I actually saw the add posted in the student employment office. This was in the old days before the internet when you would go to the student employment office, fill out paperwork which qualified you for all the positions posted, then you would look thru a 3 ring binder full of job postings. I remember seeing the nude model add the first time looking thru the book and having one of those OMG moments. I didn’t respond that first day but kept going back frantically looking thru the book hoping the posting hadn’t been removed. Finally on maybe my fourth visit I was brave enough to post for the position. To post you would put your ID number on a card provided and fill in the posting ID number and then put the card in a box and wait to hear back. It took about 4 days, my phone rang about 8 one morning as I was walking out the door. The lady wanted to know if I was still interested, asked if I had a work ID# which I did, then she wanted to make sure I knew the job required full nudity. I said yes and she asked if I was ok with that. I gave her my class schedule and she told me she would would have an assignment for me soon. When I came back to my room after my classes I had a message on my machine to call her back. I had been scheduled to pose for a class for the coming Thursday morning.

    I had no idea what the protocol was for the model posing for a life drawing class. Should I show up to the class wearing the robe, should I show up fully dressed with a robe in my bag? Would there be a changing room? Since I was asked to arrive a few minutes early to meet with the instructor, I decided to arrive fully dressed. However the instructor didn’t get the memo and didn’t arrive early. So I awkwardly stood there as the students filed in. I admit, I strongly considered walking out and walking away from the challenge especially after seeing the people who would soon be seeing me naked. As these thoughts raced thru my mind the instructor walked in and immediately upon seeing me recognized I would be the model. I knew then the opportunity to walk out had passed and this was really going to happen. This reality suddenly grasped me and I was overwhelmed. The instructor seemingly was aware of my condition and just approached me like I was her best friend. After brief introductions and some small talk she told me how the class would operate, pointed to some props that I would be welcome to use, asked if I had brought a towel, (I had not but I laughed and told her I did have a robe). She pointed me to a changing area partially shielded from the class and told me to undress while she went to get a towel. I went to the changing area behind the screen and in view of about 25% of the students took my clothes off and put my robe on. Other than a few close friends in high school no one and no guy had seen me naked before. I was aware of my surroundings enough to remember those 5 or 6 students with the open sight line were taking full advantage of their positions and watched me undress. As I lowered my panties and took my bra off their stares were palpable. I hurriedly put my robe on and waited for the instructor who arrived shortly with a towel. As to show me what it was for, she placed the towel on the stool and I understood. She asked if I was ready and told me to start with 5 one minute poses. I removed my robe and revealed my nudity to the remainder of the class 2 weeks shy of my 18th birthday.

    I was hooked. I posed the remainder of my freshman year, took a few years off and posed again my senior year.

  15. Steve

    I never knew anyone actually used those changing screens… 🙂

  16. Brian

    I can remember the first time I modeled for an artist. It was June during summer break between my sophomore and junior year of high school. I was 16 and had been in a used book store when I saw a note card posted on the bulletin board – “Art student seeks models for drawing” and it gave the telephone number and the name “Joel”.

    I jotted the number down and gave it some thought as it seemed very intriguing. I really didn’t know what all was involved but had considered doing some modeling after being told by one of those agencies at the mall that I’d be good at it, due to being very fit from wrestling and having what they said was an “all American boy next door” look.

    My job was as a lifeguard at the downtown YMCA, and a few days later, after finishing a shift in the morning and a workout, I found the number in my gym bag and since the locker room was largely empty, being mid-morning, I decided to try the number and just see what happened, so I called from the phone in the TV area of the locker room.

    The phone rang about three times and just when I was sure it’d go to a machine and I was about to hang up, he answered. I told him I was calling about the card at the book store and was interested. He explained that he was a student at one of the local universities and needed to do some drawing over the summer.

    He asked where I was calling from and I told him, and as it turned out, he had a studio space in an artist’s loft building about 4 blocks away from the Y. He asked when I was available to meet up and I told him “pretty much anytime” since I was on break from school. I got a severe case of butterflies when he said “how about half an hour from now?” but agreed to meet him as soon as I showered and walked over.

    I found his loft on the top floor of the building and knocked on the door. He answered and invited me in. The studio was pretty large, with a concrete floor and big windows as it had been a small factory in a previous life. We chatted briefly and I told him I was in high school and would be a junior. He was a sophomore in college, going for an MFA, so he was just a few years older than me. He explained that he would draw for about 3 hours or so and that he could pay me $8 per hour from his stipend. A wooden stand in the middle of the room was where I’d pose.

    He asked if I was ready to get started, and I said “Sure”. He pointed to a doorway and said that through there was a storage area where I could change, and then instructed me to go ahead and take my clothes off and come back out whenever I was ready. I felt a knot immediately in my stomach and asked what all I needed to take off. He told me “everything – shirt, shorts, underwear , flip flops” .

    I said that I didn’t really realize when I agreed to model for him that I would be required to go totally naked. He reassured me and told me that he wouldn’t make me do anything that was uncomfortable, but did ask if I would at least give it a try. He seemed really cool so I decided to at least give it a try and went to the store room to undress.
    I was nervous as I took my shirt, shorts and flip flops off. I’ll never forget that the feel of the cool concrete under my bare feet seemed to amplify what was going on. I stood there with nothing but a tiny pair of bikini briefs standing between me and being totally nude, trying to work up the nerve to take them off. He called out and asked if I was OK and I responded by asking him if I should leave my underwear on until he was ready to have me get on the stand. I swear I could hear my heart beating in my ears when he said “No, go ahead and take them off and come on out”. I counted to three, slid them down and stepped out of them and walked toward the doorway.

    When I walked back out into the studio, I noticed he’d already set up his easel and had his charcoal ready. I honestly felt more naked than I ever had in my life. As I walked toward the stand, he gave me a quick glance from head to toe and asked if I was OK. I just told him that it felt kind of awkward. He asked if I ever went naked in the locker room and I told him yes – between changing and showering and weigh ins for wrestling, quite often. He pointed out that less people were seeing me naked now than in a typical day in the locker room, which made me feel a little better.

    He motioned toward the stand and told me to hop up and just stand naturally. I did and began to relax a little bit. After a few minutes he directed me into another standing pose and then I felt the unmistakable jump and the beginning of an erection. I stammered a bit and began apologizing. He told me just to concentrate on holding the pose and not to worry about it.

    Joel told me he really appreciated that I was very defined and muscular which really helped with his drawing. As the afternoon went on, I became very comfortable with modeling nude for him and actually agreed to be his model for a multi-session long pose which would be highly detailed and would be put in the student art show at the college gallery.

    I ended up being his primary model for much of the summer and even posed for a small drawing group a few weeks later which he was a part of. I began modeling that fall for more artists and groups, getting a lot of referrals for being reliable and easy to work with. Once I turned 18, at the beginning of my senior year in high school, I posed for my first art class at one of the local colleges. I modeled sometimes 2 or 3 times a week for the entirety of my senior year and kept right on through college. My friends in high school found out about it and surprisingly did not give me a hard time about it. They were more intrigued than anything. In college, my boyfriend and I both were models and often posed together for artists, groups and classes.

    All in all it has been an awesome experience and a great way to be a part of the creative process. I recently had a woman thank me for being so unselfish in being willing to pose nude for a drawing group she was a part of. I never really realized how much good an art model can do for others.

  17. So a few weeks ago, I did one of my regular portrait gigs at the V****** They are about once every 3 months. It’s strange as they use a huge blown up photo they take at the beginning of the session and it ends up an image about 6 ft square I guess. They used to have it next to me but this last time it was at a right angle so half of the 40 or so artists weren’t even looking at me, the others do use the “real” me rather than the photo image. This time when I arrived I was surprised to be recognized by one of the participants, it was my long time Optician, I had been going to him for at least 10 years, but he retired last year. To be honest, as I only saw him once a year I didn’t immediately recognize , least of all in his “retirement ‘ wardrobe. Whatever, he approached me quite soon after I arrived and reminded me who he was, and we chatted and he said that it was interesting to see me as we had never chatted about art and he had no idea the I was interested. I advised that I was the model for the day, and he seemed quite pleased. As I was getting myself settled in the pose(it’s a very easy session, 2 hours , 4 , 15 minute poses-it’s amazing how much some of them accomplish in such a short amount of time) someone who was also a new face, asked the organizer if it wasn’t a nude session. Really, it is confusing because it is listed as “Life Drawing’, but I was advised by the organizer that the V****** would not allow “real” life drawing, and to be honest, after about 2-3 years of these sessions and getting to know the group, I think if someone said “:this week we’ll be doing nude”, I would be very anxious and embarrassed(I can’t explain my hang-ups, you would think I would be quite casual about it by now, but I am ALWAYS conscious of being on display -even just portrait, and remain self conscious, I guess I am somewhat looney?) Well, I was close enough to understand most of what was said and the guy got VERY upset, he said he had driven 60 miles, based on a Nude session, and that he had called to make sure that it was a male model. Well, in a way, I could understand and sympathize, but I was also, quite upset at how he was talking to the organizer, and I think, that if I knew it would be allowed that I would have spoken up and volunteered to strip, just to settle everything done. But as I knew it wasn’t in the cards, it wasn’t an issue. After some pretty heated words, he begrudgingly settled down and joined the group.

    At the end of the session, I got my normal round of applause-they really are very appreciative- and my money, and after a bit of a chat with the organizer, left.

    As I approached my car, I saw the Optician-Jerry- talking to the other -agitated guy-(I still don’t know his name, and one of the other artists. They hailed me over, and asked if I was free for a couple of hours and if I was available to continue to model for $45-for the 3 of them , a pretty good day for me. I said sure, and we arranged that we would follow Jerry’s car to his home. I got in my car, and we set off. It was only after we were en route that it suddenly occurred to me that they were meaning nude work. The $45 for 2 hours, and the whole circumstance. I did think about “accidentally” getting lost and just gong home. But I though that was unfair to the three of them, and also $45 was $45, and it was not like I had not modeled nude. And I didn’t even know if it was “nude’ for sure, just my instincts.

    After about 10 minutes we arrived- and again I reminded myself, that it was a good deal as it was on my way home.

    I have to say here that optician’s must make pretty good money, a pretty big house with large grounds and a big enclosed pool room- (swimming pool-not billiards- although there was a pool table set up). And that’s where we headed . Jerry offered us all a beer-, but as I don’t drink that , I got something like a wine cooler, and drank it like a bottle of water, and got another one( I don’t really drink that much, but it was hot day, and I hadn’t drunk anything for a couple of hours or more). At some point the “agitated’ guy did say “Do you mind doing a nude session?” and I responded with “Oh, I didn’t realize that was what you wanted”, but I didn’t say ‘no’, and they started to discuss where they wanted to set up.

    After a while someone arrived home, and it was pretty clear that he was Jerry’s boyfriend/partner, and he was also someone I recognized form the optician’s. I had never dealt with him, but, I inwardly felt a sinking sensation. On the way I had reminded myself that as Jerry was now retired that, there was no risk of embarrassment at the optician’s from him telling his co-workers, that the well established customer Mr E******was an art model and he had the pictures to show them! I was now on my 3rd wine cooler. They set up a bench on one side of the pool, and set themselves up, pretty closely as we were all on the one side. Some time had passed and it was going pretty slowly, and then the neighbor on one side suddenly appeared on his driver mower to cut his grass. The boyfriend went out to have a word – I guess about what was being set up and how if he looked over he might see a nude model, and hopefully that it would be OK. Well I could see the exchange , and then boyfriend and neighbor both returned , more beer and chat and I could tell that I was getting very buzzed. A part of me was aware that we had been there over an hour already and that we hadn’t even started and I wondered if I should say something about the pay for my time, but I really was not that bothered. The third artist, at this point said that he would have to go as he didn’t have the time any longer, and gave Jerry his $15.

    No excuses but I think it would be pretty fair to say I would have been ticketed if I had been driving by this point. Finally everything was ready, of course as this was not a regular life class, no robe- or anything and it never occurred to me to think professionally, (and not drink!), or think about getting undressed in a bathroom and ask for a robe. Jerry had already at some point said he had never done nude work before, so the Agitated guy took charge really. I was pretty self conscious about the non-artists( the boy friend and neighbor) but in my mellow state it didn’t seem that big a deal-which is an indication of how drunk I was. I got up on the bench and the agitated one asked if I was familiar with

    Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” which I was, but said that I though I wouldn’t be able to hold my arms about for any amount of time. So I ended up with a couple of poles and struck the pose.

    I was hot and drunk and standing there fall face legs wide arms wide( It wasn’t long before everything got very quiet, and as I looked out at them, and could see the “interest”(at least that’s what I thought it was). Well, what can I say, inhibitions a bit dropped, I started to feel horny. Part of me was still trying to maintain a degree of professionalism, but, I felt that “tug” , I didn’t look down but inwardly felt very “exposed’ and felt everyone could see, whatever was going on with my cock. The silence was broken by the neighbor announcing “I spy with my little eye something beginning with “B”- BONER!”. So even though I was trying to control it, with that extra attention, my partial erection, turned into something a little more obvious. I felt a mixture of drunk. horny, embarrassed, and unprofessional. I immediately apologized, and some comments were made along the line of not to worry etc. “It’s fine”. Jerry asked if I wanted a break, but the agitated one, said ‘No let’s keep going”. After a few minutes, he approached me and said something along the lines of ” Just a bit of an adjustment”, grabbed my cock, gave it a couple of strokes and pushed the foreskin back and said ” It looks better like that”. To be honest, I didn’t really mind. I wasn’t shocked or surprised( alcohol!) Part of me was thinking “It’s no big deal, nothing wrong with a healthy hard -on”,( not my typical thoughts) I was also thinking that it been years since I have had sex with anyone other than myself, and to be honest, it felt good to have someone else’s hand on my junk. Looking out I could feel the tension in the air, but stayed in the pose, and felt my cock enjoying the attention, stayed hard. I looked out at the faces, of course the boyfriend and neighbor , not doing any art, were just sitting enjoying the view. I guess after a few minutes my cock started to flag, at which point the boyfriend came over and gave a couple of strokes, but he forgot to leave me with the foreskin peeled back, so the neighbor came over and said I thinks that’s what it’s supposed to look like, and made the adjustment and said “Better?” I think at this point I laughed outright.

    Then after another few minutes I got a break. I felt very comfortable walking forward to look at the works, and was quite surprised at how good they were. Quite different, but both displaying my erection, as I accepted another cooler- my fifth? I chatted away with my erection reasonably on view.

    Going back to the pose, I didn’t wait for the help, I stroked myself into a full hard on , and stuck the pose.

    Again after a while my cock did start to droop, and the agitated one started forward, but Jerry beat him

    to it and said “I believe it’s my turn”. Let’s just say he spent a little more time stroking my cock than perhaps was necessary. I was in control enough to know that if I pumped my hips and came that I probably would not be able to get another erection too quickly.

    So the time was passed, and eventually they stopped drawing- so somewhere out there, there are 2 pretty good drawings of me standing there stark naked -full-frontal- with a hard on. In my memory-drunk or otherwise they are pretty good.

    I lounged about naked on the couch, probably making a spectacle of myself, while the agitated one made his departure. After he left, Jerry sat on one side of me and his boyfriend on the other, while the neighbor watched as they gave me a blow job. I have to say, I have never had 2 mouths sliding up and down on my cock in perfect unison. If you’ve never had it-it’s quite a sensation.

    As I have written this, I hope that you don’t feel that I behaved too bad. In my defense I will say that I quickly drank too much-that I rarely drink, that it was the first sex in a long time, and in all likelihood might be the last. I didn’t reciprocate, which may or may not seem poor on my part- all take and no give, and afterwards I will admit to feeling somewhat selfish.

    I do wonder what I will feel like the next time I go to the optician’s. And it feels strange to think that I didn’t get to know any of the other guy’s names. I don’t imagine that jerry will share the experience with the rest of the Art group, but I imagine the guy who left early might ask.

  18. Simon

    Well just to add a kind of a ps to my above message of September 2015. I “took the plunge” and really have not looked back, and now on a regular/irregular basis stand for art classes of both amateur and university art school levels. For me it has been a completely enriching experience. I don’t imagine that it is for everybody, and it is about so much more than undressing in front of a class of artists. I do however work full time in the arts, and so maybe the whole experience is closer to home? Who knows? But I am complemented (which I admit to enjoying very much!!!!) on my poses, so I guess I am doing something right…. It does seem though that as a man of middle years, I am, at least at first, greeted with some scepticism- I suppose the assumption is that I must be an exhibitionist) which I most certainly am not!!!) that does bother me a bit I will say- there seems to be, here in Switzerland at least, a shortage of willing male models, and yet I seem to encounter surprise at the fact that I am prepared to undress in front of a class- I find that very odd I must say- do female models encounter the same “prejudices”?? I doubt it, I assume they are taken at face value so why not male models? Or is it something to do with my age???

    Anyway as I say me it has been a most fulfilling experience, the classes are mostly (for me any way) very meditative, and I can drift away quite easily while at the same time having no problem in holding poses for up to 30 minutes, depending on the degree of contortion I choose to use…..

    So I would say to anyone who is thinking of modelling- do exactly that, think!! Ask yourself if are capable of doing it and are doing it for the right reasons, and if you are, you will love the experience!!

  19. Sally

    I love reading these first time experiences. Brings back memories. I was a college student taking an elective art class. The instructor one morning announced to the class that the dept was in need of figure models asked us to consider the opportunity. Later in the class as he was walking around the room he stopped at my table and asked us (I was sitting at the table with 3 other girls) if we would be interested. Surprisingly none of us said no and he told us a little more about it. He said there was a life drawing session later in the afternoon and asked us to stop by to see what it was all about. He told us we could participate in the class as artist and then make a decision.
    So at the appointed time I actually showed up. None of the other girls did. I thought it would be fun to participate and watch a naked person pose for a class but wasn’t really sure I would do it. Well as the class started the instructor introduced me as a “new model” and told the class he asked me to stop by to participate and observe as a learning experience. The model introduced herself to me before taking her robe (an oversized shirt) off. Later during the break we talked some more and the instructor joined in. It was kind of weird talking to this girl who i had just seen naked for like the last hour and was now only covered by a large t shirt that was a bit short. But it was fun. The class resumed and right before the model was to begin her final pose which was the longest the instructor asked if I would join the other model in a duel pose. It kind of put me on the spot but I had already been introduced as a model so I said yes. It was all so casual. I actually undressed in back of the studio and joined the other model. The instructor positioned me and I did the final pose with the other model. Two naked girls, the instructor called it a bonus for the class Lol. I was naked for one 30 minutes pose that afternoon. It was a fun experience and yes I became a life model.

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